Aviation and Language tutoring

Dreaming of becoming a Flight Attendant or work in the airline industry? Increase your chances with our online tutoring program now. Expand your aviation knowledge and improve your language skills now.

Private or multiple person training for persons who would like to deepen their knowledge to be more suitable to obtain work in the airline industry.  The basic training consists of 10 lesson (each 90 minutes). The first 45 minutes are aviation training and the second 45 minutes include English conversation and pronunciation training. After the basic training, an additional training with selected topics/points is available as well.

The aviation course enables you to have:

  • A deeper insight view of the different aspects of the airline industry
  • To understand how the entire airline industry is working
  • To get background information of the operation of all different aspects of an airline
  • To have an extensive understanding of English terms which are related to the airline industry
  • To strengthen self confidence when applying for positions in the industry due to higher knowledge of the most important various aspects

The language course enables you to have:

  • Better conversation ability
  • Regular use of respective language
  • A bigger knowledge of vocabulary